Can I Interview Nicole?

I normally try to schedule one or two interviews per week.

I prefer text interviews (via email) as they fit my schedule better, but am also available for telephone or Skype interviews. With telephone interviews, I try not to work evenings so I prefer 11am – 1pm CST M-F.

Topics that I speak on regularly are:

“Nicole the Marketer” is available for interviews on the following topics:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Management
  • Outsourcing Effectively
  • Marketing with Content and Making Money with Content
  • Where to find Content for your Website or Blog

“Nicole the Work at Home Mom” is available for interviews on the topic of Working from Home.

If you’re interested, I need the following information:


  1. Who is your audience? Specifically one person who you can describe – gender, age, business type, level of success, struggles.  Why? Because I need to know who I’m talking to.
  2. What you’d like me to speak about. I’m considered an expert regarding several areas especially in regards to helping infoproduct sellers to have more profit and more life.
  3. Format of the interview. (Written, live telephone, recorded telephone, telephone for print, webinar, etc.)
  4. Dates and Times. Not necessary if it’s a written interview. Just send the questions so I can reply.
  5. How you’ll be promoting the interview. I’m thrilled to work with “small fries” (we’ve all got to start somewhere!) as long as you’ve got a plan to market the interview. :)

Sound good? Great! Open a support ticket here, and my personal assistant will be in touch shortly. 



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