What are the Tools that Nicole Uses in Her OWN Business?

Getting Your Site Online:

  • Hosting – You’ll need this to get your website “Live”. Consider it like a cell phone plan. The domain is your phone number and the hosting is your monthly service plan. (Now, you’re able to get a FREE blog install with every hosting plan.)

List Building:

  • Aweber – The service I’ve used since 2005 to manage all my newsletters, ecourses, and ezines. (If you get any emails from me, they come through this safe list managing service.)

Shopping Cart for InfoProducts:

If you create your own ebooks or audios and want to sell them, these are the two programs I use.

  • Clickbank – Clickbank’s Publisher Program. (This is the easiest option.)
    Plus: Easy Click Mate – If you use clickbank, this is a really great tool to create an affiliate center.
  • Wahm Cart– An affordable shopping cart for digital (downloadable products) if you’d prefer to have something more flexible than clickbank (or have more control).
  • 1ShoppingCart – this is the cart I use to run It IS 1shoppingcart. Just a reseller name. I’ve had an account with them for a year and love the flexibility.


Communicating with my Helpers (Outsourcing)

  • Basecamp – Allows me to track projects and who is working on each one.

Keeping my Business Safe and Protected

  • Mozy – Keeps my computer (and therefore, my income) safe. (Try it free.)
  • Password Program – Keeps track of all of my logins, usernames and passwords, so I don’t have to. (Try it free.)

Tool that Allows me to Travel

  • GotoMyPC – Allows me to pick up and go at a moment’s notice, knowing that I can hook into my business from any PC around the world.

Tools to Easily Record Audio & Podcast

  • Record Audio (the simple non-techie way) – Quick and easy way to record audio from your microphone or telephone and put it on your computer. No techie stuff involved. This is what I use to record my podcasts.

Article Submitting

Twitter Tools

Brainstorming Tool

Membership Site Tools

For Running an Affiliate Program

  • Viral pdf – an essential tool for every affiliate manager. I use this all the time.
  • Sales Army Secrets – a course on how to run an effective affiliate program.

Graphics Editing

  • Gimp – Free program and easy to use.

I’ll add more to the list as I think of them. :)



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